Retire in Your 40s'- Tiffany Green did!- #WCW

My next Badass guest, Tiffany Green, had an intuition and she is the perfect success example to listen to that little voice in your head to follow your gut feelings!

"Have the Courage to Follow Your Heart and Intuition. They Know what You Truly Want to Become"! - Steve Jobs

Many of us ignore that little voice in our head because many of us are scared of the unknown. Well, that little voice in your head is your subconscious saying that YOU need to listen and do something already, just as Tiffany did.

I met Tiffany in Thailand while traveling with Remote Year. She joined our group for about a month. We instantly connected; I mean how could you not connect with her?! She's beautiful inside and out and she lights up any room that she walks in! She has also been a big supporter of my business, (rocking my swimsuits around the world), and is now one of my models! Learning about her life story instantly inspired me so naturally I have been raving about how amazing she is to others and now I have the opportunity to brag about her to you!

With her contagious smile, positive energy, and fearless personality, it is a no brainer that Tiffany would have a career within the media. Tiffany held a successful career of over 15 years within the radio industry as a Producer and Music Director working throughout various cities such as Chicago and New York City.

She is very humble about her career experience but she is actually a Badass who has helped launch careers with many up and coming artists back then such as Kanye West and John Legend. She even convinced Jay Z to believe in Kanye. Needless to say, Kanye West has a special place in her heart.

As working in radio was one of her life's biggest passions, she knew that the industry would always be changing. Prior to getting laid off, she set up a backup plan to generate a passive income. Her backup plan was to buy a multi-family in an up and coming neighborhood in Chicago. Real estate has always intrigued Tiffany and it is the very reason she has her flexibility today. She did her research and wow, did she plan right because this Chicago neighborhood has been booming! This real estate boss now owns a few properties in Chicago and is currently looking to buy more properties in possibly other states/countries to continue building her real estate empire.

Just like her love for Kanye, travel also has a special place in her heart! Born as a St. Louis Missouri native, Tiffany knew that she was destined to explore the world but never did she imagine that it could be this easy. She has visited over 50 countries and is now looking for her forever home somewhere around the world.

You can catch Tiffany probably traveling solo while listening to some great music! She is currently exploring in Lagos. She'll always put her self out there while making new friends and creating new life experiences! She isn't afraid to try new things.

She might kill me for posting this photo but I love that she wrapped her self up like a burrito to try a new detox experience in Thailand. She actually described this as a beneficially healthy experience.

I invite you to learn a little more about how Tiffany's passions turned into a passive income in which she retired while currently in her 40's (obviously looks amazing) and she now has the freedom to travel the world whenever she wants to!

1. When we first met you told me that you're in real estate. Can you elaborate on how you got started in this career, what you're doing now, and how it has changed your life? "I started in real estate as a backup plan for the day I became unemployed in the radio music industry. I purchased my first home as an investment, a two-flat. I figured someone else (a renter) would help pay my mortgage if I became unemployed. Currently, I travel the world and save money to purchase more property. Real Estate has given me the freedom to design my days and nights, passive income and security".

2. Where do you own properties now (cities etc)? Why did you choose these areas and are looking to expand anywhere else? "I own properties in Chicago. It's a city I know well. Properties are affordable and rental income is good. I'm looking to expand by adding additional units to my portfolio and purchase in a different country...somewhere sunny".

3. Is this your dream job? If no, then what is? "My first dream job was Radio...My second is Real Estate. I've always followed my passions, which have led me to successful careers...professions.

4. Describe your career before real estate and your achievements. "Before Real Estate, I worked in radio markets like St. Louis, Jacksonville, Chicago, and New York. Achievements in radio: winning awards for best programmer, music director from American Music Awards, and breaking new artists like Alicia Keys, John Legend, Floetry, Jill Scott, etc. I can't remember the rappers at the moment. Feels so long ago".

5. What "up and coming" artist at that time did you enjoy working with the most and why?

"I enjoyed working with Kanye because it was a special time in Chicago. There was a crew of us, just having fun and loving music...pushing forward Chicago music".

6. What sparked your travel curiosity and how did you manage to travel the world? (Obviously, it can get costly). "My great grandparents loved to travel. We use to attend family reunions every summer in different states...that started it. Real Estate income and low expenses have afforded me time and $$$ to travel. There are two rules I follow for traveling the world. 1) Research Research Research. 2) You must have a local plug...someone to show you how to live like a local".

7. Travel is life-changing. What is one of your favorite memories while traveling? "Favorite memories while traveling...eating good food in Asia, learning to ride a scooter, climb hills, river beds all flip-flops (it's the shoe of choice in SouthEast Asia).

8. How long have you been a digital nomad and what do you love about this career lifestyle? What are some of your struggles?

"I've been a digital nomad before it was a thing back in 2007. I owned property in Chicago but was living in New York. I managed my properties via phone/computer. I like providing good housing for good people. Sometimes it's a struggle to find good maintenance workers. Sometimes it takes a few tries before solving a maintenance problem".

9. What are some of your hobbies/passions? "Music, traveling, food, researching African history, getting over my fear of swimming in deep water/ocean".

10. What item (s) can you not live without while traveling? Favorite go-to outfits? "I must travel with JBL Flip speaker, Mac Airbook, Google Project Fi cell phone, electric My favorite go-to outfits are swimsuits, romper, leggings and comfortable flat tennis/shoes".

11. Where in the world will you be next? "Currently, I'm in Lagos Nigeria, headed to Accra Ghana next, Togo, Benin, and Trinidad Carnival".

12. What advice would you give someone looking to get into the real estate investing industry?

"Start saving money now. I've always been a saver. Buy multiples units now. Stop waiting".

13. What advice would you give someone looking to pursue their dreams?

"Never give up. Focus on a solution to the problem/s".

🔊 Want to listen to her career experience and real estate investing more in-depth? Check out her podcast guest appearance here on the Maverick Show.

🙏 Thank you, Tiffany, for being my guest, a great friend, and inspiration to many! Keep rocking it!

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