Prague, Czech Republic- Stop #2

It's soooo hard to sum up one amazing month on one small page! This month was so unforgettable! It sounds so cliche but immediately I felt like I was living in a fairy tale. Prague has definitely been one of my favorite places to visit! The nightlife scene is so cool here so I have a video below to highlight these experiences! But of course, I have to leave you wanting more soooo I will tell you in another post how you can earn $4,000 Euros just by checking out amazing cocktail bars and having a love for solving riddles!

Anyways, Leaving the sunny 70's in Split, Croatia, was hard. I loved the warmth, the beaches, the people, the culture, the nightlife, but I did not miss the food. So we arrive finally in Prague also known as Praha, Czech Republic. It was surprisingly warm when we arrived and this was at the beginning of October. So I thought, yes, I can absolutely do this! 

I really had no idea what to expect from Prague as I didn't do much research prior. I spoke to many friends that have visited Prague previously and every single person that I spoke to, who are all very well-traveled, said that Prague is their favorite city to visit! When I asked "why," every single person also said, "you'll just know what I mean when you get there, you have to see for yourself". I could not wrap my head around what was so intriguing because I just envisioned Prague as another European city. I thought to myself, I have a month to explore so I surely should figure out why Prague is so special to most!


For starters, it feels as if you landed in a fairy tale. It is the city of many castles and with castles comes lots of amazing architecture, art, and possibly a prince charming. (I'm an optimist). Prague is an old city with a lot of history. The history is cruel yet life-changing. There is a lot to learn so come with an open mind and soak it all in. I stayed in the neighborhood Jiriho Z Podebrand and absolutely loved it (about a 15-minute walk or 5-minute subway ride to Old Town)!

If you love to eat, drink, castle hop, paddle boat, wander around, frolic through parks (many beautiful parks), dive into the culture, explore museums, and meet awesome people then Prague will not disappoint! You can also find many fantastic walking tours for FREE (your supporting locals and tips are very appreciated)!

As I mentioned above, the cocktail and nightlight scene is Amazing here- probably my favorite in the world!

**My Favorite cocktail bars that you must Czech out. Many of these come with an amazing interactive experience: Alchemist, Black Angel's, Anonymous Bar, Hemingway Bar, and Bugsy's Bar.

If you have an appreciation for the arts then you're also in the right place! Mozart's premiere opera was conducted here in 1787 at the Historic Estates Theater!

If you're traveling or debating on whether to tour through Europe, do it! Prague is a central city that is easily accessible to many countries! If you're thinking of even coming for a day or two, definitely do it!!

The Public Transportation is On Point Here!

Experience the most efficient public transportation in the world! This city is on it when it comes to being on time. I was very impressed with how easy it was to navigate all types of public transportation. I did so well, I even had tourists asking me questions about where to go! That made me laugh but also made feel like a local. If you aren't good with navigation then just ask someone nearby and they will usually help you. For getting around, I recommend taking the subway/metro/railway (whatever you call it) and/or bus. If you take a cab, it is a tourist trap and you will get ripped off! If you take an Uber they aren't very reliable and may cancel rides. 

Take a deeper visual guide and Czech out the Prague page under Travel or just click this link here:

Thanks for Czeching this out!! (The puns are so easy here) :) More to come from Prague soon!

Please comment below and share some love or reach out via the chat or contact me for questions, recommendations, etc!

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