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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I wanted to make the most of our co working space while in Split Croatia so why not do a photo shoot?! After packing for a year I realized I had to make the most of what I packed and believe me it wasn't easy narrowing it down! I want to make your lives a lot easier and share what I've packed. (Be sure to check out my mode,l Lindsey Gerber, on Instagram @linzgerbz)

Whether you're going on a long trip, going out for a girls night, or on a date, you're sure to find ideas to create the exact same types of looks below. 

What you need: 1 romper and a few accessories. You can transform any outfit with the right statement pieces. I love to change my style up to different themes depending on the setting. I particularly have been a fan of the safari and boho looks. What I mean by boho is tribal prints, flowers, headbands, neutral colors, flared sleeves, kimonos, rompers, etc. (When I think of safari I imagine animal prints, khaki, green, as well as other neutral colors). I am particularly obsessed with animal print accessories! These themes are always in style and if you want to feel a little more trendy then when in doubt, throw a hat on! 

Ladies, we always want more options and I am going to show you how you can transform your closet with just a few key pieces! Keeping it basic with the clothing makes it so easy to transform with accessories. 

Look #1 Use a Romper or Jumpsuit

Above: Black romper, fringe earrings, added tan belt, cheetah print scarf, and tan hat or no tan hat.

Above: Black romper, tan booties, fringe earrings, added "boho" kimono, tan belt with tan clutch OR fanny purse.

Above: Black romper, fringe earrings, tan open toe booties, added 2 piece necklace, print head band, and tan clutch. 


Look #2: Jeans and a sweater

Above: Basics: White sweater, slightly distressed jeans, fringe earrings, and tan booties.

All you need to add to change it up is swap/add a hat, headband, belt, jacket,the clutch for any color/style, etc.


Be sure to check out more style tips on upcoming posts! Our next photo shoot will be in Prague so stay tuned! You can snag similar looks on my website. 

I love hearing from all of you so please respond below with any questions. If you liked this post please be sure to share with your friends. 



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