Live Healthy

Eat Healthy &  Be Happy!

My Key to Happiness

Many say the recipe to a Happy Life is feeling great about yourself! Feeling emotionally happy and physically happy will lead to great endeavors as well as seriously boosting the confidence that you may not have known you had!

Feeling great on the inside as well as looking fabulous on the outside will transform you!

I have traveled around the world and I was still able to pack protein powder, energy boosters, digestion aids, and hydration aids! I was still able to meditate and go to yoga as well as other fitness classes. I was still able to also network, meet new people, go on hikes, go salsa dancing, etc. Basically I was able to do what I enjoy (eating healthy and being healthy emotionally) and that made me happy

I'd love to help you find your key to a Healthier Life! See below for more inspiration!

Warrior One


Mind, Body, Soul

Try Yoga twice a week if you're new to it! Many classes are free for your first time and you can usually find great deals on Groupon (enter location)!

Depending on where you live you might be able to find Free yoga classes in parks! Check Facebook groups for this!



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As if you didn't know, Pintrest is an amazing platform to organize all of your recipes!


Check out some of my favorites!










Transform from Within

You can find many free readings. I use Iawake for mine! You can always upgrade to a purchased program- they offer some great packages!


I advise to meditate someone you feel inspired and comfortable. I usually lay on the floor or in a park and put my headphones on. 



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30 days to Healthy Living

Wanting to shed a few pounds and MAINTAIN a healthier lifestyle??!

I speak from experience- I use these Arbonne products almost daily now for over 3 years and I love how I feel! 

I will be your Personal Coach for 30 days to get you going and give you a 35% off discount! (price reflected below)

Amazing value- Protein, Energy, Hydration, Detox, Recipes, etc!!




Hydrate &



Hydration is key! This keeps your body in balance. You need to detox to rid your body of toxins and who doesn't enjoy some good mental focus? I'm obsessed with Arbonne's fizz sticks and detox tea!

I can get you a 35% off discount! Ask me how! (Price reflected).



Deep V Ruffle Polka Dot swim suit one pi


Feel and Look Amazing in Ella Vita's Quality swim wear!

Also obsessed with the jewelry collection made from Women in India and Cambodia!

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